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Does orihime love ulquiorra? Ulquiorra slipped it down just as quickly, past his knees, and wiggled his legs free. Torn and stained with blood, they weren't even worthy of bestowing to a dog. He acted completely out of character when he was around her and couldn't seem to shut up. Again he dropped the fabric to the ground. Ichigo kills Ulquiorra while in Hueco Mundo, during Ulquiorra's death, He looks at Orihime and asked her if she is afraid of him, Orihime, with a saddened expression, tells him she is not afraid, and Ulquiorra reaches his hand out to her, but before she can grab it, his hand begins to dissolve into ash.

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Ulquiorra, after getting shot with ichigo's cero, died and went to hell.

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Espada 7 I forget this guy's name he can use his sonido to make clones and his release gives him extra speed and MC over 45 objects. Who is stronger ulquiorra or ichigo? Orihime is in love with Ichigo and Ulquiorra doesn't even acknowledge her until the he's about to die. Some say he strengthened her. When Ulquiorra is fighting Ichigo, he releases in episode Eventually i believe he does and when i find out the episode i will tell you although Ulquorra almost killed Ichigo once thnk god for Orihime I want to apologize if anything seems OOC at all.

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